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First Landing


What would it have been like to be a Scottish settler on a ship crossing the Atlantic in the late seventeen hundreds – headed for the new world (Canada)?

After weeks at sea the settlers would be tired, hungry, anxious and uncertain of what lay ahead. Even though they had heard stories of savages and a brutal barren existence, they still carried a feeling of hope … hope for a new beginning.

As they stand on the deck of the rolling ship, they hear the cry … “land ho”. But wait, another sound fills the air. At first the settlers are uncertain if what they are hearing is the pounding of their own hearts. But as they approach the shore, they begin to realize that these sounds are actually drums coming from the land … the natives are aware of their arrival, and all the stories they have heard come racing to their minds. Fear and panic set in … but the landing is made, and as they stand on the earth of their new home … they are welcomed by the natives to this place … their new homeland … Nova Scotia.

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A track from John’s All Through the Ages CD.