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Remember Culloden


Pledging loyalty to Prince Charles Edward Stewart, the Jacobite clans rose up against their English rulers. Their rebellion scored a series of stunning successes and they seemed on their way to victory. But one hellish day in April 1745, on Culloden Moor, their quest for independence took a different turn.

Imagine this scene: It is a cold, gray dawn. Many of the Jacobites are asleep, tired after marching through the night. The surprise attack on the English army had failed due to unexpected delays. The command is given and the piper begins to play – calling the Jacobites to gather for battle. The Jacobite army (consisting of less than 5000 men) gathers, full of hope for a free Scotland. Anticipation builds as the Jacobites prepare for battle. The Jacobites fire the first canon shot and the battle has begun. The Jacobites, famous for their wild, terrifying charge, do not advance on their enemy as one, as the command to charge was not heard by all. The wet ground hampers their charge allowing only one small section on the right to reach the English line.

The result is devastation, defeat and butchery. The Jacobite soldiers, six deep in their ranks, are easy targets for the superior strength and manpower of the English army. The clans, the highlands, and the simpler way of life – all disappear in less than one hour! The Jacobite army is defeated and you can hear the sadness in the hearts of the survivors – as the funeral dirge fills the air. But wait … the Jacobite survivors continue to hold onto their dreams of freedom – and the piper sounds notice, through his plaintive call, that the dream of the Jacobite will live on.

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A track from John’s All Through the Ages CD.