Volume 6

First Player Level

This tutor book is the sixth in the light music series and has been designed to help the piper make the transition to playing on their bagpipe.

By the completion of the level, you will:

  • Have transferred all of the skills that you have learned so far in the earlier levels onto your bagpipe
  • Have a basic knowledge of how to set up and maintain your bagpipe, drone reeds and pipe chanter reed, including:
    • How to fit the bagpipe to the player
    • Being able to maintain and care for your bagpipe
    • Being able to select, maintain and care for your three drone reeds and your pipe chanter reed
  • Have improved your ability to complete (on your bagpipe) the coordination of blowing and squeezing, so that you can now complete all of the technical and tonal requirements, on your bagpipe
  • Learn the theory of tuning and how to complete the first stages in bagpipe tuning, including:
    • Pitching your pipe chanter
    • Tuning your three drones
    • Tuning your drones to Low A
  • Be able to reproduce more complex time and rhythm exercises
  • Have improved your ability to write out (copy) bagpipe music
  • Be able to play eighteen tunes on your bagpipe (this includes two new tunes and sixteen tunes carried over from Volume 5)

On average, a student should be able to complete all of the requirements contained in this tutor book within three months.

The material contained in this tutor book has been designed for students who have completed all of the requirements contained in our Bagpipe Solutions by John Cairns Bagpipe Instructional Tutor For Light Music, Volumes 1-5.

Please click on this PDF file to find a copy of the table of contents from Volume 6 and on this PDF file to find a list of the tracks contained on the Volume 6 CD.