Due to his popularity as a judge, John is always in great demand to adjudicate at solo and pipe band competitions.

If you are interested in hiring John to judge at your event, he is certified to judge all levels of piping and pipe bands (including Ensemble).

His extensive knowledge and ability to clearly articulate his comments make John a commodity that is valued by soloists and pipe bands alike. John is able to provide feedback to the performer that allows them to understand exactly how he viewed the performance and what they need to do to improve their playing.

You may want to hire John to conduct a workshop, seminar, clinic or recital while he is judging at your location.

The fee to have John come and judge, would be the standard judging fee prescribed by the home pipe band association, plus expenses and an allowance for travel days.

If you are interested in having John come to your location to judge at your event, please contact John at info@bagpipesolutions.com.