Volume 7

Second Player Level

This tutor book is the seventh in the light music series and has been designed to provide the piper new to the bagpipe, make the transition to being able to:

  • Compete in a Grade 5 solo piping contest, and/or
  • Play in a pipe band – during a street parade, or in the massed bands at a highland games.

To achieve these goals, you will develop your ability to:

  • Play the technical requirements needed for this level and increase your speed and fingering dexterity
  • Pitch your pipe chanter and tune your drones to Low A
  • Apply the correct method of coordination so that you can properly complete all of the technical and tonal requirements on your bagpipe
  • Maintain a steady tempo
  • Complete the ear training designated for this level
  • Reproduce more complex time and rhythm exercises
  • Improve your ability at writing out (copying) bagpipe music

You will also:

  • Develop your ability to tune your pipe chanter so that the chordal notes are in tune with the drones
  • Learn information on pipe band and instrument drill
  • Learn information on highland dress, including how to clean and wear the various items
  • Learn how to play and express a 2/4 quick march
  • Discover how to approach learning your competition tune and how to prepare for a solo contest
  • Select your Grade 5 solo competition march
  • Be able to play:
    • As a soloist, one 2-parted 2/4 quick march suitable for a grade 5 solo contest
    • All of the standard tunes that are generally used by most pipe bands (for street parades), including those tunes that are used for the massed bands (at a highland games)

On average, a student should be able to complete all of the requirements contained in this tutor book within four months.

The material contained in this tutor book has been designed for students who have completed all of the requirements contained in our Bagpipe Solutions by John Cairns Bagpipe Instructional Tutor For Light Music, Volumes 1 to 6.

Please click on this PDF file to find a copy of the table of contents from Volume 7 and on this PDF file to find a list of the tracks contained on the Volume 7 CD.