Due to John’s international success as a solo piper and Pipe Major, he is in great demand to perform at recitals.

If you are interested in hiring John to perform at your recital, you will be able to craft (with John’s assistance) a program that meets your specific target audience.

His mastery of all forms of bagpipe music along with his extensive repertoire and creativeness as both a composer and a player will make him an exciting performer that appeals to pipers of all ages and playing standards as well as appealing to the non-players in your audience.

When hiring John to perform a recital, you may also want to hire him to run a workshop, seminar or clinic while he is visiting your location.

The fee to have John come and perform a recital would need to be negotiated with John directly, as he has two fee schedules:

  • One for each day that he travels, and
  • One for each day that he is performing.

If you are interested in having John come to your location to play a recital, please contact John at