Piobaireachd – Volume 1

Written on March 8th, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that the 1st volume in our Piobaireachd series is now available for download.

Information on this exciting new volume can be found on our products page.

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Piobaireachd – Volume 1

Written on March 8th, 2017

Volume 1

This tutor book is the first in the six volume Piobaireachd series and has been designed to help you understand what Piobaireachd is and to teach you how to play your first Piobaireachd.

To achieve this goal, you will:

  • Be given a basic introduction to the origins and history of Piobaireachd
  • Be taught how to play the technical requirements inherent in Piobaireachd
  • Learn about the structure of Piobaireachd, including the variations that can be found in any Piobaireachd
  • Learn how to phrase and express a Piobaireachd
  • Be able to play one elementary Piobaireachd – that can be used in an entry level Piobaireachd competition

Note:   We recommend that you not begin training on this tutor book until you have successfully completed all of the requirements contained in our Instructional Tutor for Light Music, Volume 7.

You will need to dedicate time for both the study and practice of each lesson. Each lesson will contain a series of narrative notes along with a practical application of the material covered. The amount of time needed to digest the written material and to practice the practical applications in each lesson will vary from student to student.

To achieve the objective – which is for you to play your Piobaireachd at a level that will allow you to compete in an entry level (i.e. Grade 5) solo contest, you will need to spend as much time as necessary in order to properly complete all of the requirements before moving on to the next lesson.

You will need to work on this material in conjunction with your light music training, so you should dedicate at least thirty minutes each day during your allotted practice time to practice the material in this tutor book. If you are able to follow this routine for four or five days a week, we estimate that on average you should be able to complete all of the requirements contained in this tutor book within four months (results will vary depending on the student).

Please click on this PDF file to find a copy of the table of contents from Piobaireachd – Volume 1.

There are 77 audio and video files available to download that support the material that is taught in this volume.