Learning to Play – Step 1 Scalic Exercises

Written on March 8th, 2013


This digital eBook will give you the knowledge and skills needed to take the first step towards learning how to play bagpipe music.

You will first learn how to interpret the basic note values so that you can produce simple musical rhythms.  You will then learn how to recognize the note name for each of the 9 bagpipe notes when they are written in staff notation and finally you will learn how to apply the correct fingering to sound each of the 9 notes.

From there, you will put it all together so that when you see a note written in your music you will instantly:

  • Recognize the name of the note,
  • Be able to apply the correct fingering for that note, and then
  • Based on the note value – be able to sustain the note for the correct duration.

To practice this skill, you will learn to play some simple scalic (melodic) exercises.   This will allow you to perfect your ability to play all of the notes with the correct rhythm and fingering.  Additionally, this will also allow you to perfect your ability to make the transition from one note to another cleanly – without having to also try and fit in the embellishments (ie the gracenotes, doublings, etc.).

You will learn how to play the various embellishments in our Learning to Play – Step 2 Adding in the Embellishments.

The table of contents outlines the specific subjects covered in this eBook.


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Bagpipe Solutions by John Cairns – E Book